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  •  Flat Precision screen printer with T-type table
  •  Flat Precision screen printer with T-type table
  •  Flat Precision screen printer with T-type table
  •  Flat Precision screen printer with T-type table
  •  Flat Precision screen printer with T-type table

福建11选5复式: Flat Precision screen printer with T-type table

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US $ 3800 / pic

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1 pic

Product Description

PS-3040PT Flat screen printing machine with T-Groove table //Structure

Working table

T-Groove working table, Size: 400*500mm


Up-down of screen plate

To be printed

  • Plain objects

Squeegee stroke

Adjust the Limited switch

Squeegee and screen plate control

 High precision guide shaft

PS-3040PT  Flat screen printing machine with T-Groove table //Usage and characters


  • T-shaped groove feature flat screen printing machine is suitable for a particular shape, able to produce in the trenches gripped hard products screen printing machine;
  • Such as electrical panels, glass, ornaments, gifts and printing;
  • Structural design using halftone pattern up and down movement, more conducive to the removal and placement;
    Stable horizontal cylinder design, squeegee pressure uniform, back to Mexico, smooth, good quality printing;
  • Can be semi-automatic operation, a good user interface;
  • Machine commissioning process is provided with a single-function operation, set up allows for full function operation.
  • High Precision liner guideway installed to controll the movement of Rubber squeegee and screen frame. widely used to print circuit aboard , Film switch panel etc industrial field.


  • The machine panel, plastic parts, Paper,  furniture industry, glass industry, circuit board industry, film, wooden case

PS-3040PT Flat screen printing Machine with T-Groove table//Parameters

Technical parameters

  • Max printing thickness: 150 mm;
  • Air consumption: 60Litre/Min;
  • Dimension of working table: 400×600mm;
  • Max printing areas: 300×400mm;
  • Max printing speed: 1000Pcs/H;
  • Max frame dimension: 500×620mm;
  • Compress air: 5-7 bar.
  • Stroke of cylinder up and down:160mm;
  • Stroke of Squeegee: 400mm.
  • Table Precision: 0.05mm;
  • Rang adjustment of table: 10mm

Works supply

  • 110V-220V Power supply;
  • 5-7Barcompress air;

Package parameters

  • Wooden Case:Package dimension: 950X880X1650MM
  • Gross weight: 183Kg;
  • CBM: 1.3794





S-3040PT Flat screen printing Machine with T-groove table //Advantage


  • High-precision linear guideway control lifting and dropping of screen plate and rubber squeegee;
  • T-slot table to facilitate the production of fixture clamping work table, suitable for should not be deformed, the industrial parts of the particular shape of the screen printing;
  • Screen Forme up and down movement of contact with the table, suitable for hand-placed and remove the product;
  • Distance of the screen and table to the flexibility to adjust for different heights of the product silk screen;
  • Screen forme Clamping device free to adjust to fit different sizes of screen;
  • Screen Plate clamping device can be adjusted Front and back, left and right, up and down, the angle of the fine-tuning in order to fine-tune the exact location of the pattern in the product above;
  • Stroke of the scraper can be flexibly adjusted the pattern to suit different size;
  • Squeegee pressure can be individually adjusted to fit any high-precision screen printing;
  • Microcomputer program control operations;
  • 4-Digit auto counter; to facilitate the measurement of production efficiency.

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