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福建11选5走势图用什么软件:About KC

福建11选5开奖结果走势图 KC Printing Machine Limited

            Mainly focusing on designing, development, production, and distribution of  automatically  hot stamping Machine, automatically screen printer, pad printer, Heat transfer Machine. Mainly Products:

  • Automatically hot stamping machine:

        Bottle cap automatically hot stamping machine, Soft-tube automatically hot stamping machine, Chain-type automatically hot stamping machine, Roll-film automatically hot stamping machine, Pen-rod automatically hot stamping machine, Card automatical hot stamping machine, etc

  • Automatically screen printing machine:

?        Container automatically screen printing machine, Bottles automatically screen printing machine, Pen-rod automatically screen printing machine, Automatically Multi-color T-shirt octopus screen printing machine, automatically webbing screen printing machine, Automatically glass bottles screen printing machine, Automatically soft-tube screen printing machine, etc

  • Automatically pad printer

?      Automatically bottle cap pad printing machine, Automatically pen-nip pad printing machine, Automaticaly ball pad printing machine,Etc

  • Hot foil stamping machine:

Manual hot stamping Machine;?    Pneumatic hot stamping Machine , Hydraulic hot embossing Machine; Motor hot stamping Machine, Flat/cylinder hot stamping Machine and heat transfer Machine

  • Pad printing machine

? Closed cup pad printer, open inkwell pad printer.

  • Roller heat transfer machine webbing transfer machine

China famous brand Hot foil stamping machine